Book. "The Reluctant Mate" read online

The Reluctant Mate

Vielle Nye

Series: Glenhaven TAOW Arc

Story about:human and werewolf, survivor, mate bond

Age restriction: 18+

75 528

#6 in Paranormal Romance
#10 in Romantic fantasy

Ongoing: 25 Sep 52 pages

Publication: 12.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Reluctant Mate"

Amanda's life was never easy. After escaping a manipulative and abusive ex, she works a crumby job and uses alcohol and promiscuity to unhealthily cope with her unresolved trauma. She definitely is not looking for a relationship, and if she knew about mates, she certainly wouldn't be looking for one of them, either.

Porter was focused on working and supporting his growing pack as beta. He wasn't looking for or expecting his mate, but when he finds his human mate at a club, there's no going back for him. Now, he just needs patience until she stops fighting and accepts it, too.

This story is a stand alone spin-off from The Alpha's Other Woman. It is mature due to substance abuse, violence, sexual content, toxic behaviour, and other adult themes. Not for the under 18 crowd.


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Jessica Arrington
26.09.2022, 01:38:40

She is too much ....

Jessica Arrington
24.09.2022, 17:24:51

I hate cliffhangers! This is getting to juicy stuff and I cant wait!

Jessica Arrington
24.09.2022, 17:19:06

Damn...! She was going to set her friend up with the police?? Terrible chick!

Roseline Zone
24.09.2022, 16:05:53

okay author... I can see not many people read this story.. but please you keep going... for the ones who are eager to read ur next chapters... keep going:)

Jessica Arrington
20.09.2022, 23:41:47

I'm the first to like and comment! For some reason the app wasn't allowing me to like the story. It took like 6 tries. But I'm so in love with the series. Thank you!

Vielle Nye
23.09.2022, 00:48:12

Thanks for reading and the encouragement. It’s always appreciated.

Jessica Arrington
22.09.2022, 18:46:07

Awwww! Porter!

Jessica Arrington
20.09.2022, 23:40:26

I love this story. I didn't realize she was dogging him like that. Poor baby!