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Publication: 11.05.2022 — 20.05.2022

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Land of the Devils series!Book One - The RiseHe isn't just a good looking, CEO of the Oberoi Industries, he's breathtaking handsome with green eyes. She loves her sister from another mother. He offers his help. She takes it to break the love triangle. Yuvaan, he's ruthless, cold and vicious. He knows the cruellest ways to torment his enemies. His name is enough to make them shiver. Her innocence couldn't stop him from making her his. He has a simple plan to do his business and to find a way to destroy his enemies in the most barbaric way. One glance at her, makes him feel this pumping machine in his heart and a wave of irresistible feelings. He's the king, Lethal king, The devil of his hell, he's ready to turn his hell into heaven for her.

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Natasha Daniel
22.05.2022, 10:05:25

ok thanks

Natasha Daniel
22.05.2022, 00:21:49

pls I checked but I could not find book 2 and am very interested in it I love this book

Seerat Kaur
22.05.2022, 06:41:51

Natasha Daniel, Thank you, I haven't published it yet. Let me complete mated to the enemy first. And The Rise books hasn't many likes and comments yet.

Edna Palomares
21.05.2022, 19:05:06

Yes and sure for book 2.. i love it author...
Im so excited to read it soon!

Seerat Kaur
21.05.2022, 20:49:31

Edna Palomares, Thanks)

Somia Saif
21.05.2022, 06:27:02

yes pkz i want to read book 2

Somia Saif
21.05.2022, 07:55:00

Seerat Kaur, you're welcome

Girl like a pearl
20.05.2022, 14:31:16

Yes i wanna read book 2 excited for that one?

Seerat Kaur
20.05.2022, 14:34:25

Girl like a pearl, Thank you)

Confidence Kelvin
20.05.2022, 09:56:45

Wow! Isn’t it a bit too short? Beautifully written

Seerat Kaur
20.05.2022, 10:11:54

Confidence Kelvin, Yes, it is. Thank you so much)

Shamsiya Sultana
20.05.2022, 08:36:02

Beautifully written.... Waiting for the sequel

Seerat Kaur
20.05.2022, 09:10:07

Shamsiya Sultana, Thank you)

20.05.2022, 04:28:14

Hi it à beautiful story im eager to read the next chapter so please update son thanks i love this book xoxo

Seerat Kaur
20.05.2022, 06:54:19


shreya dubey
20.05.2022, 05:49:57

Nyc one author!!
Of course we are eager to read book 2

Seerat Kaur
20.05.2022, 06:54:10

shreya dubey, Thank you)

Shamsiya Sultana
18.05.2022, 10:25:22

Excited about the forthcoming chapters

Seerat Kaur
18.05.2022, 11:01:47

Shamsiya Sultana, ❤️❤️

Nishmitha Anchan
17.05.2022, 08:41:24

till now, how much I read, I feel that she is going to ask yuvan help who is coming to the marriage

Nishmitha Anchan
18.05.2022, 06:09:12

Seerat Kaur, oh so it's happening

Poonam Kaswan
11.05.2022, 12:56:52

The first chp is confusing , kindly make the description clear . PLs introduce the cast first . Mention if its a love triangle . Explain the characters and scenes in a better way. PLs tell the story line also

Seerat Kaur
11.05.2022, 13:22:23

Poonam Kaswan, Hi, it will be clear in the next chapter.

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