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The sapphire academy


Series: Sydney Marin

Story about:
vampires, paranormal romance, witches


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#2 in Paranormal
#14 in Romantic fantasy

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Publication: 24.06.2020 — ...

Description of book "The sapphire academy"

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Sydney Marin is a witch living in Odren city in a realm where all the paranormal creatures existed.All these years in her life she lived as a loner with her aunt Lydia who always protects her, never exposed her to others.

On the 16th birthday, Sydney received a letter to join the sapphire academy and study with other witches, vampires, werewolf, etc..
She can't able to reject it. She escaped her house, joined the academy. Soon, she came to know more about her life, flashbacks and she realized her life was a lie.

She's not just a witch, she's something powerful and more than That...

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