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The School of Wives

Paige Makepeace

Story about:romance, corrupt government, rebellion

Age restriction: 18+

14 25

#35 in Dystopia

On Hold: 08 Apr 7 pages

Publication: 08.04.2020 — ...

Description of book "The School of Wives"

In a future where the baby daughters of the poor are brought by a school created by the government to produce perfect wives for the rich men a twenty year old woman, Bella, struggles with the constant fear she feels as the other girls, and the staff at the School of Wives continuously attack her for reasons unknown to herself. However, when two new doctors replace the nurse who always treated her with disdain she finds people who actually seem to care about her. They help her. They make her feel safer than she has ever felt. But with their arrival truths start coming to light and the system starts to unravel. The people she thought she knew aren't who they say they are. The government is hiding things. And everything is falling apart because of a group of rebels.

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Bindi Chakravorty
09.04.2020, 22:22:21

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