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The secret life of Mr. Fitz

B. Agrah

Story about:sex, mystery romance, erotic

Age restriction: 18+

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#667 in Contemporary Romance
#464 in Romantic erotica

On Hold: 04 Mar 41 pages

Publication: 08.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "The secret life of Mr. Fitz"

Becca signs up for Creative Writing class, unaware that the professor will be Francis Fitz. In his thirties, with an enviable look, and great talent for storytelling, the professor soon shows a cynical side and makes Rebecca the target of his teasing, while seeming fatally attracted to her.
Driven by a wild desire, she will try to get away from Fitz, but his influence makes her lose her mind and cross boundaries even in sex. However, Fitz seems to have more darkness than light around him. Becca must then decide whether to follow the wild instinct that makes her want him madly or choose Brandon, a boy who also shows a sudden interest in her and will be willing to do anything to have her.


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Riya Sarkar
29.07.2021, 19:00:54

Please continue this book. I love it

Riya Sarkar
04.03.2021, 06:28:17

Oh my my... the sexual tension between them is really getting big LOL ;)

Riya Sarkar
02.03.2021, 08:55:56

this book is getting interesting and interesting by every Chapter. I love it Author.

Riya Sarkar
02.03.2021, 21:01:52

B. Agrah, Damn! I struggle to write one Chapter in a week and you here write three. That's really nice but a shame on me. :(

Tlalane Manciya
21.02.2021, 00:19:00

I like the professor and student romances...

B. Agrah
21.02.2021, 00:39:04

Tlalane Manciya, Thanks for reading. I will update soon

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