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Description of book "The Seer's Library"

Book 1 — Melancholy Ends

Incardia holds the greatest of knights and is respected for their fine line of warriors. While a knight is looked upon as a hero, a magic knight is revered as the greatest honour one can receive in their lives. The price is great: once the Code of Chivalry is broken, so will their souls be.

Orion Etoile was a peculiar knight of Trinity Order of Incardia — holding an unyielding bigotry against nobles. From the notable academy of Battlemore, he was a magic knight. He was the idealistic leader of chevaliers but a taciturn man.

In the forsaken land of Incardia, a sanguinary war from the tales of minstrels and bards ensues, driving Incardia into peril.

Upon breaking the code of chivalry, Orion has no choice but to save Incardia, lest his death becomes inevitable.


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