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The Silent Kiss


Story about:stalker, forcedmarriage, 17 year old

Age restriction: 18+

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Description of book "The Silent Kiss"

Just then Tae-yo pulled my phone out my hand and put it in his pocket. “No phones.” I scold “Why can’t you leave me alone until we get married?” Tae-yo laughed “Because...I just want to, plus come with me I have someone for you to meet.” Tae-yo pulled me out of the seat and whispered in my ear “Act like you like me at least.” I nodded. He walked me over to an old man. The old man looked at me and then Tae-yo “Hello Uncle ray.” His uncle’s smile was wide as ever as he looked me up and down. Tae-yo smiled and said “this is my soon-to-be wife.” Ray grabbed my hand and kissed it. I pulled it away. I grabbed Tae-yo and he looked shocked “ Oh baby, May I go sit back down?” I said while looking at him. “Um, Yes.” I rubbed his back pocket as I pulled out my phone and then smirked “Thank you Honey"


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Grasya Bontuyan
31.08.2020, 18:10:48

Sorry I suppose to add to the library but I accidentally punch the remove. I am interested to read your book. I cannot wait for the update

04.01.2021, 16:40:39

Grasya Bontuyan, Thank you! Sorry for the long break been writing another book!

31.08.2020, 20:29:37

Comment has been deleted

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