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Book. "The Son Of The Coach." read online
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Publication: 12.08.2022 — 19.08.2022

Description of book "The Son Of The Coach."

Sebastian is just another face in the crowd. His mom's the coach but Sebastian's idea of partying is studying till he drops. Trying to live up to his father's expectations and his mother's ignorance. After ending up in a party one night Sebastian finds himself thrown into the world of the devastatingly beautiful yet arrogant Maddie Ziegler.

Maddie was never part of the crowd, she was the queen of the town and the best point guard in the state, Flirtatious, cocky, innocent faced and a skilled seductress of all forms. Sebastian is not the type of guy Maddie surrounds herself with.

Everyone knows Maddie, nobody knows Sebastian, basketball is her life while he wishes it never existed, at first glance, these two couldn't be more different, but deep down, their more similar than meets the eye.


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14.08.2022, 13:30:26

Sucb a nice story, update soon plz

navya Mandepudi
14.08.2022, 13:22:22

When is the next update dear ?

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