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The Spark of Diamond

Julie Anne

Story about:a love story, a frustrating love

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Publication: 18.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Spark of Diamond"

Have you ever encountered a love story that inspired by the past? Do you want some vintage story at the same time frustrating? This story suits you

A thief named Elijah adored the Princess of Winifred, Wanda. Like what he said to the story, he will steal the Princess' heart. Does he succeed?

However, many people around them created a barricade to separate the two of them. Are the Princess and the Beggar can still love each other? Or is it the end of their story?


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Julie Anne
19.09.2020, 03:17:06

For those who find it difficult to like this story, kindly pm me on Facebook @Julianne Sazon Pante so I can help you, or in Instagram @juli.anne1031... thank you!

Kira Castro
18.09.2020, 17:36:29

Hi hi

Julie Anne
19.09.2020, 01:11:00

Kira Castro, Hi Kira! Pa like na yung story... thank you!

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