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The sweetest warm marriage

Souheir Benadis

Story about:arraged marraige, romance, suspence

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Ongoing: 13 Mar 126 pages

Publication: 12.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "The sweetest warm marriage"

An arranged marriage between two families, they bound two strangers.
How much it will least ? forever..?.
Will love grow between them or their hearts already occupied?.

“sir , ma’am want divorce” the man put down the papers on his hand and glanced at the re-engraved bun next to him “your mother want a divorce” ,the little bun ate a mouthful of ice cream and said” daddy, mommy raised me so hard, give more support”.

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Nishanka Nk 12.04.2021, 19:02:02

Hey author what happened to you?

Cris Naval 10.04.2021, 19:15:50

I'm so sad what happen to you??

Nikita Singh 08.04.2021, 23:41:34

why are you not updating chapter!? it's very bad treating your viewers like this :(

Shraddha Joshi 03.04.2021, 03:11:59

Hey friend where did you go

Urvi Katira 30.03.2021, 21:35:48

Hey Author.. Hope all well at your end?

Cris Naval 25.03.2021, 22:41:29

No update????

Shraddha Joshi 25.03.2021, 13:51:32

Are you okk author..

Urvi Katira 22.03.2021, 20:12:15

Hey have always been consistent with your updates.... Since there is no update.. Just want to know if your okay... Pls take care and update us that your fine and doing good

Cris Naval 21.03.2021, 20:40:35

No update ??????

Shraddha Joshi 21.03.2021, 05:08:11

Hey it almost a week dear... Where are you. We are missing warmth

Nishanka Nk 20.03.2021, 19:07:51

Hey author Hope you are well

Shikha sharma 19.03.2021, 16:32:27

Hey.. Hlo author... Are you there... When are you going to update

Nishanka Nk 18.03.2021, 17:50:18

waiting for updates author

Nikita Singh 18.03.2021, 14:33:31

pls update

Shraddha Joshi 18.03.2021, 14:32:27

It has been 4 days I am waiting for update

Neha Salokhe 18.03.2021, 09:07:34

hi.. assuming ur busy.. eagerly waiting for your next chaps..

hoping for getting it soon :-)

Olori Ogunaike 15.03.2021, 18:26:47


Cris Naval 13.03.2021, 21:01:42

Oh that's so sweet??❤???

Olori Ogunaike 11.03.2021, 13:18:05


Cris Naval 11.03.2021, 08:47:39

How romantic.....

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Souheir Benadis 11.03.2021, 11:33:10

Cris Naval, Yep

Shraddha Joshi 11.03.2021, 07:28:58

Wow.... It's so sweet.... I am speechless... Plz don't let them separate at any cost.... Plz author

The last comment in the thread:

Souheir Benadis 11.03.2021, 11:32:59

Shraddha Joshi, I will try

Olori Ogunaike 10.03.2021, 15:18:41


The last comment in the thread:

Souheir Benadis 11.03.2021, 11:32:36

Olori Ogunaike, Welcome

Cris Naval 07.03.2021, 06:03:09

Oh wow ???????❤❤❤????

The last comment in the thread:

Souheir Benadis 08.03.2021, 23:59:42

Cris Naval, Sorry dear to remove your comment, it wasn't in purpose, I was trying to comment. I love your comments on this story. Happy women day :***

Cris Naval 08.03.2021, 21:03:07

Comment has been deleted

The last comment in the thread:

Souheir Benadis 08.03.2021, 23:57:36

Comment has been deleted

Cris Naval 05.03.2021, 21:05:01

Wow. Plsssssss get married soon can't wait.... ❤❤❤❤❤

Shraddha Joshi 05.03.2021, 02:29:23

This jealous Robert is very cute.....and actually I believe "let's get married "is more fancy then I love you

D Sapphire 04.03.2021, 16:07:53

oh hell yeah

Shraddha Joshi 01.03.2021, 05:04:22

Everything is going so beautifuly... Then why she want divorce as per your description... Highly curious

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The last comment in the thread:

Shraddha Joshi 04.03.2021, 10:29:31

Souheir Benadis, i hope you will not let them separate please.....

Cris Naval 04.03.2021, 10:09:30

Omg omg....... Can't wait for next update my love.... ❤❤❤???????????☺☺☺

Shraddha Joshi 04.03.2021, 02:15:32

It's really too sweet.....

Cris Naval 03.03.2021, 06:30:31

Omg.... Robert my love ????????goos job dear hope for more update.....

Dr-Hana Khalid 03.03.2021, 06:25:04

Looks like things will start to sort out between ella and robert

Cris Naval 01.03.2021, 06:31:18

That's too cute can't wait more..... Update I'm so I love this ??????????????

Sirius Khattak (Bstallion) 28.02.2021, 07:23:06

You are doing so great, I love your book.

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Souheir Benadis 28.02.2021, 23:32:34

Bstallion, thanks for the award

Cris Naval 28.02.2021, 10:38:43

Waiting for next update ???

Shraddha Joshi 25.02.2021, 04:03:22

My first online book on this corona year was "Romance of Mr. Walton" and I was in love with William Walton. Probably Robert is my second love.?

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Souheir Benadis 27.02.2021, 11:48:21

Shraddha Joshi, it's a love story between a housekeeper and a CEO , it's in level

Shraddha Joshi 27.02.2021, 08:38:38

Smart game

Cris Naval 27.02.2021, 08:18:59

Good for you oliviaaaa bleeehhhhhh karma.

Cris Naval 26.02.2021, 11:17:01

Oh my darling ro err I can't wait you're wedding day....

Hemalatha periyasamy 26.02.2021, 03:21:57


Cris Naval 25.02.2021, 09:05:41

My prince charming Robert and his princess Ella baby????❤❤

Shraddha Joshi 23.02.2021, 04:10:29

Very sweet story. Romance is beautiful when love is humble

The last comment in the thread:

Souheir Benadis 23.02.2021, 13:52:47

Shraddha Joshi, Thanks and yes you are right

Cris Naval 23.02.2021, 06:19:18

Great job dear love it....

The last comment in the thread:

Souheir Benadis 23.02.2021, 13:52:29

Cris Naval, Thanks, I'm happy that you enjoy it

Cris Naval 22.02.2021, 06:36:43

So sweet my roberttttt

zainab karim 22.02.2021, 02:33:17

wow soooo romantic.

Shraddha Joshi 22.02.2021, 01:56:03

Wonderful Man I must say.

Cris Naval 21.02.2021, 10:24:13

Ella and Robert wedding

Cris Naval 20.02.2021, 15:31:22

Ella and Robert love story ??????❤❤❤

The last comment in the thread:

Souheir Benadis 20.02.2021, 22:50:22

Cris Naval, yep

Shraddha Joshi 19.02.2021, 02:13:57

In China , is it common to have marriage for business purposes??? As I read several Chinese novel and found this thing common. It's just out of curiosity!!!!

The last comment in the thread:

Souheir Benadis 19.02.2021, 11:28:36

Shraddha Joshi, yes, it is , they value business more then anything. it is a sad thing

Cris Naval 18.02.2021, 23:16:42

So sweet... ???

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