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Book. "The Temptation... Love v/s Lust!" read online

The Temptation... Love v/s Lust!


Story about:poetry and thoughts, love or lust, temptress

Age restriction: 18+

35 595

#39 in Erotic/Sexual Fantasy
#2 in Poetry

Complete 7 pages

Publication: 20.10.2022 — 28.10.2022

Description of book "The Temptation... Love v/s Lust!"

Who will win in the fight of LOVE & LOST????

Here is a POETIC MONOLOGUE of a battle of LOVE & LUST faced by a fellow of our times, let's see who won in his case, his love for Sus, his gf, or his desires for a temptress...

I won't lie, I was in on the side of the Temptress when I wrote this, for she attracted me a lot!

I wrote it in 2020 Lockdown, & with a lot of feelings, time & emotions of mine!

It's a SIMPLE POETRY in A STORY-TYPE format, something NEW I experimented & my fellow writer friends admired a lot! Hope you like it as well... :-)

Do share your precious views! :-)


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Nicole Snyder
21.10.2022, 00:59:15

Wow, Something refreshing Shruti. I love it and you might be on the side of the Temptress, but let me tell you I'm team Sus.... all the best...

Nicole Snyder
21.10.2022, 11:34:08

SHRUTI DADHICH, Of course dear, your welcome

Nishmitha Anchan
21.10.2022, 02:49:15

yep, it was super. poetry is also one type under my list. you know how refreshing they are. it cool sis. ofcourse want more and I hope you will give us. ILU

21.10.2022, 10:43:30

Nishmitha Anchan, Hey dear!
God I missed you so s much!
Hope you are fine!
Btw thanks, & yes, I'll definitely update the next part, if possible today, or tomorrow definitely! :-)
Love you more!❤️

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