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The True Beast

Hal Lee

Story about:romance, monster, dark fantasy

7 212

#3577 in Romance
#1061 in Fantasy

On Hold: 02 May 31 pages

Publication: 17.04.2021 — ...

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Description of book "The True Beast"

Who is the real beast? The woman cursed to live in a body of a monster? Or the handsome man who acts like a monster?

For all she could remember, Yeena had been cursed to become a terrifying monster. However, when the full moon takes over, she transforms back into her human self for a few short hours.

Rene Wood's is a werewolf family who had taken the cursed Yeena in, as a carer for their Alpha. Rene is disgusted by the creature raised by the family and finds every way to verbally torment the creature in his house.


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