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The Vampire's Alcoholic

Ashanie Ash

Story about:vampires, mate, vampires and human

Age restriction: 18+

20 105

#282 in Paranormal Romance
#145 in LGBT

On Hold: 01 May 16 pages

Publication: 17.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Vampire's Alcoholic"

Carter has a problem. He can't seem to stop, his unhealthy craves, desires, wants, needs. He has no control over it.

Carter is an alcoholic. So drunk he could barely defend himself.

Carter is weak. Surrounded by supernaturals, they could easily jump him.

Carter is troubled. He doesn't care about anything, as long as he had a liquor at his fingertips, life was all good. Life was perfect.

And worst, Carter is human

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Ashanti Sanderson
17.04.2021, 21:54:54

Please leave an update, I'm dying to know who this Lucien guy is .

Ashanie Ash
18.04.2021, 15:57:16

Ashanti Sanderson, I will very soon. thanks for your comment and giving my books chance

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