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The Villainess in the Thorns

Disha Kini

Story about:transmigration, romance, villainess

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#814 in Romantic fantasy
#5630 in Romance

On Hold: 07 Nov 8 pages

Publication: 04.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Villainess in the Thorns "

I was transmigrated into the novel "the flower and thorns" in which the Flower is the female lead and the thorns are the cruel male leads.. This story revolves around the female lead, it describes how the lovely and caring female lead transforms these cruel men into a loving and gentle creatures but....

'why these male leads are getting so entangled with me and hate the female lead so much?'

'why are you guys so obsessed with me? Please leave me alone. What is wrong with them?'


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07.09.2021, 22:31:00

update pls.

Komori Aghogho
01.01.2021, 12:43:18

I love it
continue pls

crescent moon
06.11.2020, 10:40:52

well I guess this is similar to all those comics in webcomics and mangatoon..... well nice try i like it you encouraged me author same like me! follow my insta account @authorswordpen

Disha Kini
07.11.2020, 15:25:07

Comment has been deleted

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