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The Vixen (college Life #2)

KZ Spencer

Story about:college love, richromance, popular girl

Age restriction: 18+

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#4 in New Adult & College
#49 in Contemporary Romance

Ongoing: 16 Aug 51 pages

Publication: 29.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Vixen (college Life #2)"

Alexandrina Vall, also known as Vatica Vixen, is Stanford's #1 wild child.
She's the girl every guy wants, and every girl wants to be.
A sorority girl, with nothing to worry about, except one: gossiping bitches.
On one night of wild fun, she hears her sorority sisters calling her dumb, and a 2022 "Olivia Jade".
They believe she doesn't belong there, and sooner or later, she believes it too.
To prove them wrong, she enlists Stanford's #1 tutor, Danny Rice to tutor her, which comes with complications.

Danny Rice, a nerdy second year at the prestigious Stanford.
All he wants to do is hang with friends, and complete his research, but all goes to hell once his research is defunded.
When The Vixen offers a deal, to tutor her while she pays for his research, it's a good deal.
RD: July 29 2022

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Adegeye Josephine Ebunola
09.08.2022, 14:00:47

Go for it girl. Thank you writer, you are a good writer and there is a lot of lessons to learn for our young adults in college. You can be anything you want in life when you are determined. It is not too late to change your negative side to positive one. I love the character of Vatica.

KZ Spencer
09.08.2022, 18:27:25

Adegeye Josephine Ebunola, Thank you so much for this comment, and I'm glad you are liking the book. Hope you reading it and my others. And you are right, there is a lot to learn from young adults, and we will see a lot of that from Vatica.

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