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The Wallflower - The Awakening of Daisy

Joanita Theron

Story about:firstlove, highschool romance, lovetriangle

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#423 in Romance
#27 in Young adult

Ongoing: 28 Nov 89 pages

Publication: 22.11.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Wallflower - The Awakening of Daisy"

Daisy a shy final year high school student meets Shawn a boy from her school at a New Year’s Eve party. They connect and form an unlikely friendship. Due to Shawn’s interest in her she unwittingly catches the eye of Luke, the charming, flirtatious and most popular boy at their school. Suddenly she finds herself liking both boys but is quickly discouraged when they are not willing to offer anything more than friendship. Will Daisy resign herself to her eternal wallflower persona or will she find the courage to break free and fight for what she wants.


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Tanya Gupta
26.11.2021, 16:51:09

Your book is too underrated... I loved your book.. Waiting for the long update eagerly...

Joanita Theron
26.11.2021, 19:10:00

Tanya Gupta, Thank you so much! xx

Vanshika Rubab
24.11.2021, 17:49:04

The book is nice but I like it more when it is the 1st person Pov and in the past

Joanita Theron
25.11.2021, 14:27:02

Vanshika Rubab, No worries =D If we were all the same the world would be boring! Thanks for reading! :)

24.11.2021, 20:15:47

The story is sweet and comforting. Thanks for putting up so many chapters in one go.

Joanita Theron
24.11.2021, 20:48:50

Jojo, Thank you so much :)

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