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Book. "The Wizardess In Love" read online

The Wizardess In Love

Young Yasmi

Series: Cursed Delight

Story about:mermaids, wizard, enemytolovers

16 387

#2786 in Romance
#280 in Romantic fantasy

Ongoing: 28 Mar 68 pages

Publication: 27.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Wizardess In Love"

Neridan is the seventh son of the Ocean's King. The most unruly, ferocious and manipulator. Unfortunately, he broke Azy's heart, Ursane's daughter, the Witch of the sea. To punish him, she cursed him with a pair of legs and took his voice. His only way to come back is to take a true love kiss from a Wizardess. Little did he know that the wizardess is not an easy prey.
-A sort of retelling of the little mermaid-


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Lovely ch
07.02.2023, 18:21:34

I'm in love keep going ? fighting ???

Young Yasmi
11.02.2023, 13:04:31

Lovely ch, thank you so much

Amina Sebhi
27.07.2022, 18:53:05

Comment has been deleted

Young Yasmi
30.07.2022, 17:39:41

Comment has been deleted

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