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The Wondrous (not really) World of Clichés

Kendall Briscoe

Story about:humorous, funny, clichés

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#309 in Contemporary fiction
#150 in Humor

On Hold: 18 Mar 12 pages

Publication: 17.03.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Wondrous (not really) World of Clichés"

Catherine Thorne was just trying to get to school without being late. But instead, after somehow slipping on a banana peel (how does that even happen?) she finds herself in an... odd new world, to say the least. In this strange world, every cliché and trope you can think is there and happening. From random musical breakouts to cartoony villains stolen straight out of a TV show, they've got it all. And no one seems to notice.

Partnering with her new (just as cliché) companion, William Burgess Jr., she'll have to go up against all of those cliches in order to escape this nightmare. But she's also about to discover that clichés have a reason they've lasted so long, even the overused ones. That and the fact she's gonna have to become an expert in all things cliché before this adventure ends.


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