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The Zombie Zone


Story about:romance, zombie, zombie apocalypse

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#1 in Post-apocalyptic
#125 in Romantic suspense

Ongoing: 24 Jun 67 pages

Publication: 27.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Zombie Zone"

A scientist works on BDA (bring dead alive) project for almost 50 years. He finally finds a virus and experiments that virus and gets shocking results.

He found out that the people will become zombie once they get infected. He also finds out that the virus is transmittable.

The virus spread all over America within a night. The government lost their control. All the countries except American is safe without the virus.

Once the virus enters the human body, it will turn humans into aggressive zombies in just 15 seconds. Some survived people are trying to get rid of the country and trying to reach nearby safe and peaceful place.

Will there be a vaccine or some protocol against the virus? Answer is yes!


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Zainab Ajike
10.06.2022, 07:58:46

i love the story info

Prakriti Kalyaniyan
27.05.2022, 20:10:10


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