Book. "Their First Fight | тrυтн ιѕ wнaт тнey wanтed тo нear " read online

Their First Fight | тrυтн ιѕ wнaт тнey wanтed тo нear


Story about:happy ending, unrequitedlove, friendstolovers

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Complete 12 pages

Publication: 28.08.2020 — 11.03.2022

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Description of book "Their First Fight | тrυтн ιѕ wнaт тнey wanтed тo нear "

They've been close friends for more than a year. Doesn't matter for whatever reason they first met, they just knew how much they actually mean to each other.

And while he thinks being her friend is everything she wants, she thinks different in that being his friend is the only thing he wants from her.

It never bothered her before, or that's what she would like to pretend to keep everything peaceful between them.

So what happens when these two sweethearts actually get into an argument that neither of them wants to back off from?

Especially, when he comes to her demanding answers for his unreasonable questions?

Will she speak out her feelings in the heat of moment?

More importantly, what will be his reaction when he hears the truth from her?


ritika ♥


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Adefemisoye Sarah
28.11.2020, 00:17:08

My heart is still beating now, this is the best short story have ever read... Geez, I love all of your stories, it is is captivating, smooth, lovely and enticing. Please update ‘For his sake', thank you for your beautiful stories

12.10.2020, 19:17:30

wow finally found a "worth-reading" story lol. But for real I loved it, yes it's cliché but it's written really well. Most of the stories I've read have good plots and potential to be ranked high but the descriptions, feelings, etc. just ruined it for me. And sorry but the words used and grammar wtv is important for me

14.10.2020, 07:24:36

lily97000 , I actually have finished reading the two...though that's on a different app. I loved those books too

03.09.2020, 05:54:07

That was a sweet short story beautifully written. Thank you for your hard work to keep us entertained.

03.09.2020, 10:27:23

Previously, Thank you so much for reading. ♥

monika kamble
30.08.2020, 17:01:15

hey, lily, I like your new book but i think every fan of yours want you to update the second part of 'For his Sake'. please update that one too

02.09.2020, 16:50:24

monika kamble, Thank you so much for reading. I'll update soon! ♥

01.09.2020, 20:24:59

hey Lily your novel is interesting I love it good job dearest

02.09.2020, 16:50:19

Queenebunoluelwa, Thank you so much for reading. I'll update soon! ♥

Sanjana Siwach
28.08.2020, 04:26:08

Hi Lily. You have published a new book so does that mean that you are having a lineancy from your work. Well I was hoping that you would finish your first your previous books

Sanjana Siwach
28.08.2020, 13:29:09

lily97000 , okay. But can you please give any idea that when you will be back?

Averyn Dev
28.08.2020, 06:36:03

This is a very nice book. It actually would've been better if it were an actual long story. But this is also ok.

28.08.2020, 11:03:25

Averyn Dev, Thank you so much for reading. ♥