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Their Obsession's - A Mafia's love story


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Description of book "Their Obsession's - A Mafia's love story "

You are mine!!! Put this thing inside your head,"he shouted making Zoya flinch

"I'm nobody's and you are nobody to me," Zoya yell at him making him more furious

"I'll make sure you're mine, either by hook or crook,"he said and stormed out of room

'Ya Allah what did we get ourselves into," thought Zoya


Meet Zoya and Farah.
The soul best friends.
Both are Crazy and tough and are living their life to the fullest.
And not to forget both are engaged with two creepy guys... Talha and Tabish.

But what happens when Farah's smart tongue got her kidnapped by a gangster??
And as she doesn't want to enjoy the adventure alone, she screams "kidnapp my best friend too..,"

This ends up both in the hands of two most feared men of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia who now claims them as theirs...

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Yashika Shah
30.04.2022, 13:18:20

I am liking it.

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