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Them Before Us


Story about:mortal and immortal

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#512 in Romantic fantasy
#107 in Action fantasy

On Hold: 18 Mar 3 pages

Publication: 17.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Them Before Us"

It is a story about the world where magic existed naturally, In the world where Artha,Elf, Scars,Witch and Humans evolve, and a five powerful stone that can give incredible power which came from a Dragon and protected by the choosen guardians.

In this world peace is the main reason why everyone lives, but Scars destroy everything and greedy to have the stone to own the world.

But there is someone whose destined to stop them not an Artha, or an Elf, a Scars and Witch not a mortal but immortal but this Immortal will sacrifice everything to kill the born darkness.

Who might that be?
Would he/she stop the enemy and restore peace?
Would it sacrifice itself before its own happiness?

“Join me through the journey of Them before Us”
“A Romance between mortal and immortal”


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