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They Call Him The Tank

Lana Fox

Story about:chef, werewolf mates, beta

89 1962

#21 in Humor
#98 in Romantic fantasy

Complete 18 pages

Publication: 13.05.2021 — 13.05.2021

Description of book "They Call Him The Tank"

His name says it all, Gunnar.
It is of Nordic origin and means fighter, soldier, or attacker. The perfect adjectives to describe Shadow Creek’s Beta, a beast of a man, made almost entirely of muscle.
After years of waiting, Gunnar has given up hope in ever finding his mate.
THEY CALL HIM THE TANK, is a spin-off from the published novel, SILENT NOISE.
It is a short story, explaining how Gunnar had met his fury little mate, Mia.


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Evi Delavogia
19.05.2021, 11:15:44

I like your story! It would be a really NICE idea create small stories, like this one, about different members of the same pack!

Hanna Suzy
14.05.2021, 19:54:51

hi author,I think you have removed one book is that correct?

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