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Think Like A Criminal

Ifra MK

Story about:detectives, mystery thriller, categories

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#244 in Suspense
#175 in Crime fiction

Complete 132 pages

Publication: 12.09.2020 — 13.09.2020

Description of book "Think Like A Criminal"

"Appearances can be deceiving," she said as she watched his face contoured into confusion. She let out a mocking laugh before continuing,

"I'm a lot smarter than you think."


Vincent Black, a notorious killer, escaped the City Jail. He sent a video to the police, telling them he would soon kidnap a girl.
Alexis Shay, a renowned (but never photographed) detective takes on this case, promising to bring Vincent back to his demise.
Will Vincent be successful in kidnapping this girl? Who is this girl and why her? Will Alexis Shay stop Vincent in time and save the police's reputation?


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Aivly S
24.03.2022, 15:09:50

Great work.. Not too obvious... Excellent is the word

Asmat Bano
14.12.2021, 18:08:45

I love it . im in soo much in love with it plz write more books like it

01.12.2021, 12:04:39

wow..... I loved this book. the last fight Scene was fantastically written. I love Cara the most.

14.07.2021, 20:01:05

thank you so much for your time 2 makes us this great book ?
hope to read more of your novels

Anwar Khan
20.06.2021, 11:30:48

Love this story. Everything and everyone in this story I love it so much and have fun very much to read it. I want you to write more stories about cop and detective and crime thriller story. All the best for you to write new story

Madhumitha Saravanan
24.11.2020, 18:48:31

Everything was settled excellently.... except for the recipe of the pasta

Winnie Parker
07.11.2020, 23:59:02

beautiful story

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