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Description of book "This Will Be The Last Goodbye"

Elena was adjusting her present difficult life & her life changed.She was fed up of feelings & wanted her life in her control. She was 27 years old beautiful strong independent woman. She just wanted to be a single mom because she didn't believe in marriage & then She met Alpha king in one night stand where he found that she is her mate. She loved to read stories online about werewolves but she never thought that it can be real. She didn't believe in creatures. She accidentally fell in love with him & her hidden mysteries of her life started to come out.

Alpha King Massimo was the strongest Alpha amongst all the remaining Alphas. No Alpha dared to question his actions. He couldn't believe he met his human mate last night & he didn't wish to tell her about him without knowing her story.

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Shobha Kumari
04.04.2021, 21:51:59

sorry if the chapters are long or short I am writing first time so please tell me my mistakes here , I would love to hear you : ) Hope you guys like it.

Lizzie otite
09.05.2021, 13:46:15

Shobha Kumari, its interesting when are u updating

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