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Book. "Through the Looking Glass" read online

Through the Looking Glass

Cath Asuncio

Story about:mirror dimensions, witch and black magic, descendants

19 450

#196 in Dark fantasy
#31 in Paranormal

On Hold: 13 Dec 143 pages

Publication: 05.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "Through the Looking Glass"

An evil witch was defeated and imprisoned inside a mirror for almost a thousand years. Clementine of The White Halls and Alaric of the Nobles made sure that their work will be finished by The Appointed One. Through centuries their descendants have waited for the right person to come. But no one came. And now the witch is threatening to break her prison and release her evil upon the world.

Will The Appointed One come to finish the witch? Or will the world finally see the true darkness promised a long time ago?


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