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Through Your Eyes

Marilyn Lucero

Series: Through Your Eyes

Story about:betrayal, heartbreak, love triangle

Age restriction: 18+

646 22598

#879 in Contemporary Romance
#2198 in Billionaires

Sample 47 pages

Publication: 06.02.2020 — ...

Description of book "Through Your Eyes"

Just when I thought I had successfully moved on from a loveless relationship, I realized I made the same mistake again. I fell in love with a kind and handsome billionaire, and I thought he was already the perfect man. However, I learned about his deep secret--the secret evolving around my identity and the secret that shattered my respect for him.

I broke off with him and claimed everything that belonged to me. I hated him like he was the fiercest criminal in the world. I accused him as a thief, stripping him off from his once dazzling glory.

But then, a particular event led me to the truth. Only to know that I was already too late!


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