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To My Future Cheating Husband


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Publication: 23.08.2020 — 03.09.2020

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Description of book "To My Future Cheating Husband"

Ava Makee lived her life believing that the world revolves around her, only to find the cruelty of reality after a bitter divorce.

Reality hits her and it slaps hard. Not a single shoulder to cry on, Ava merely sat on the streets of Chicago and reflected upon her life.

In the end, she has nothing.

Living the life of a villain can only end with tragedy.

But, what if she was given a second chance?

Will she live her life differently or had fate already determine her course?

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Nooha Razi 16.09.2020, 20:55:36

lots of love for this story... :)

Teja Rani 15.09.2020, 19:26:11

just wow

Queenebunoluelwa 10.09.2020, 19:30:55

wow what a great novel Good Job author

Bilkis Begum 10.09.2020, 12:41:13

what's left unsaid is not available on booknet?

Kamaljit Kaur 08.09.2020, 04:34:27

And Can you please guide me how I can read what’s left unsaid on inkitt because I couldn’t find anything on that site??

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Quinn 08.09.2020, 06:59:13

Kamaljit Kaur, Try search for To My Future Cheating Husband. It should lead to my platform.

Kamaljit Kaur 08.09.2020, 04:29:34

Very well written story Quinn...I finished it in two days in a row, couldn’t stop my self reading it are such a philosopher writer and at the same time hilarious one too..I really enjoy your writing...keep up the good work ??

Ayushi Gupta 27.08.2020, 10:07:37

from now onwards u will not upload in booknet ?

Srinandhini Jayaraj 26.08.2020, 10:35:01

Ava deserves to be loved. Eli is the best choice for her. He treats her the way a women should be really treated. Hope she finds a guy who loves her to eternity.

Ayushi Gupta 26.08.2020, 09:13:22

ohh my god seriously loving it ❤️❤️ I want luke & ava together ❤️❤️

Crystal Delgado 25.08.2020, 02:22:12

hello author how often do you update

Alyssa Santos 24.08.2020, 23:16:24

Good read, kindly update

Ayushi Gupta 24.08.2020, 18:34:12

update plz

farhanatu abubakar 24.08.2020, 09:36:01

good story.... looking forward to read the next chapter.

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 24.08.2020, 04:04:35

Luv this story...cant wait for the next update.

Ayushi Gupta 23.08.2020, 18:59:22

update more chapters plz

Ayushi Gupta 23.08.2020, 10:54:26

nice story

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