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To Tame Instincts · Beastars

Noelle Corvine

Story about:beastars, gohin

Age restriction: 18+

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#502 in Romantic erotica
#18 in Anime Fanfiction

On Hold: 24 Apr 12 pages

Publication: 11.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "To Tame Instincts · Beastars"

"I know the phantom that shies away from the sun; he's a quiet prayer from the heartless, the mourners, and the no ones."

The taste of fear and instincts drive animals to kill, but to be a herbivory predator is distinct. The sensation to kill was dull and the hunger was deep, however, what would happen when they were pushed into that dangerous corner of survival? Rekka was one of the few to experience such hunger - such fear, such lust. She was so normal once, top of her class with straight A's and plunging towards her goal of Beastar. That future of promised luxury was seized from her grasp in a matter of patronizing seconds. All her hard work, sweat, and tears...wasted.
It wasn't acceptable - It wasn't fair!

Warning: This book contains mature scenes and extremely sensitive topics.


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