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Publication: 12.11.2020 — ...

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Description of book "To The Stars/ Ad Astra"

This story, like all stories, begins with 'Once Upon A Time' and ends in...
Well I, the author- a mere vessel for the emotions to flow through and express themselves in words- cannot possibly tell how the story ends.
I have lived a thousand lives and visited a thousand places and here's my chance to allow others to visit the world inside my head- A world of magic and mortals and more.
I have created a complex world- completely fictional- but a world nonetheless. In one kingdom, magic is used to do everyday work; and in another, magic is but myth.
But a world cannot tell a story. For all story starts with 'Once Upon A Time There Was A King And A Queen.'
And so there were. If you love fantasy, adventure, love and war, I suggest you give me a chance.


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