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To The Stars And Back


Story about:soulmates, inspirational romance, drama and love

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#275 in Contemporary Romance
#99 in Young adult

Ongoing: 08 Jun 16 pages

Publication: 16.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "To The Stars And Back"

Adrian's first impression of Anya was that of a clingy writer who was here to disrupt his peaceful life. Even after rejecting her like a million times she still appeared on his doorsteps trying to move him to take part in her movie as the male lead. Wasn't she aware that he had left the industry a long time ago on a really awful note and he was literally never gonna stand on spotlight again?

"You go away or I will make you disappear from the face of Earth!"

"If you do that I will become a ghost and haunt you, idol..."

Gosh, just how stubborn was this dork. Tired of her nagging he agrees to work with her and make a comeback. Little did he know that this determined author was not just a part of his job but was gonna be a part of his life too.

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Khushi Mendhe
19.05.2021, 12:29:16

Love this story. Can't wait for next chapter .Please update fast egraly waiting for next update:)

19.05.2021, 12:29:56

Khushi Mendhe, thank you so much...

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