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Together, Forever

Belle Cassy

Story about:werewolves, bravery, protective

12 331

#1872 in Fantasy

On Hold: 06 Nov 15 pages

Publication: 02.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Together, Forever"

I promised to protect you until my last breath!

Once upon a time, a group of werewolves that were protected by an Alpha named Choven fell in love with a human, his pack was unhappy, knowing that humans were dangerous and could put them in hell of death. But then knowing her in months and seeing her love with the animals made them accept her.
As a result of their love, Azhea gave birth to their two adorable children, Clea and Grey, who would have a hard time protecting each other when a sad tragedy transpired, they were all burned to death, and only two of them survived!

Yet a lot of game of life came across between the two, are they going to survive the bad and good times of life? What if they will see the future from a different point of view!

But a promise will always be a promise.


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