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Publication: 27.07.2021 — 11.08.2021

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Description of book "Together On a Coffee Date"

He is a boy with an uncompleted love story in the past, stuck in life, trying to live and fight the boredom of youth and the generation. He knows the harsh realities and knows how to deal with them.


She's a girl who lives in dreams, a sucker for fantasy, for whom love stories are everything. What happens when they meet on a date and she asks him to recite his old love story to her? It hurts him remembering the old love story. Whenever someone talks about love, he feels an ache in his heart remembering his old uncompleted love story.

So will he tell her? Or will she leave him wounded with a bleeding heart with her desire to hear his old love story.
And the main question, will they be able to create a love story of their own?

You will know


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13.09.2021, 13:40:58 true! Hey Rupali, thanks for the read! Saved an hour of boredom!

13.09.2021, 13:45:31

sadaf, Welcome, I am glad you liked the story.

Her faith
30.07.2021, 12:08:18

This is story is really sweet!! So I am going to accompany you till the last. Please be ready to get irritated by me (ノ^_^)ノ

30.07.2021, 12:32:31

Her faith, haha okay

faiza nusrika
27.07.2021, 16:16:09

A new book. YAYYYY

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