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Book. "Touch In The Dark" read online
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#532 in Romantic suspense
#572 in Romantic erotica

Sample 225 pages

Publication: 05.12.2021 — 26.04.2022

Description of book "Touch In The Dark"

"Stop, please,No."She cried bringing her palms in front to push him more.
"Why?Don't you know that you would be found easily?"He rasped bringing his mouth close to her ears sniffing the unique fragrance.
"Don't do this please."
"Why?Don't you know, you are already..."
"No...Don't..."She put her palms on her ears to turn herself deaf to avoid listening to those words.
He pulled her hands away and made sure to burn her ears with one particular word.
Vincenzo Moretti,Capo Dei Capi or known as Godfather has everything the way he wants.
Evelyn Rossi,a sweet innocent girl had nothing to do with the world of Mafia until she made a mistake and buried that secret deep inside her heart.
Everything was peaceful until he arrived and this time he was determined to make her pay for everything.


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Kaarin Lou Almario
05.12.2021, 15:15:49

why does this story and characters familiar?was it published on a diff platform before?

Normee Guiling
05.12.2021, 15:09:09

Another breathraking novel from astounding writer! Love it! Hope it's free till the end.

Usha Rani Mahapatra
05.12.2021, 14:36:43

Plsss do vote, comment and follow the author for this story!

Usha Rani Mahapatra
05.12.2021, 14:36:03

Love this synopsis and prolong!!
Can't wait for first chapter....this story was going to be darker, I can feel it! Hehe ;)

Her faith
05.12.2021, 14:30:07

okay I m ready to make 923 more accounts to increase your followers( ꈍᴗꈍ)

Chanderika Sharma
05.12.2021, 14:26:01

Amazingggggggg story . I will absolutely love it ❤️.

Anisha verma
05.12.2021, 14:22:06

can't wait for this amazing story!!

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