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Story about:college romance, mentalhealth, love and romance

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Description of book "Translation of Love"

Nam Sohee's life changes drastically. A new university, new home, new friends, new country, new culture. Everything is a new experience, but why does she feel deja vu when she sees him? Why does it feel like she's known him all her life? How is she supposed to navigate her first love and stay afloat?

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Gracie Ella leonard 13.08.2020, 20:00:09

nice story. please follow me back and add up my book in your library for updates,thanks❤❤

Kat Moon 29.07.2020, 10:55:42

thank you for the new chapter

Maira Digt 24.07.2020, 13:50:05

this's so beautiful

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Sooaura 28.07.2020, 20:52:44

Maira Digt, I'm glad you're enjoying it

muthulakshmi G 20.07.2020, 20:49:49


noveltealover 18.07.2020, 01:20:20

Hullo! I love the cover. It's so cute and it caught my eye. I'm really enjoying the story so far and I like your writing style. I find Sohee aka Summer super relatable and I like her a lot just based off these few chapters. c: Also really cool that this is set in Seoul, which I've always wanted to travel there one day. I'm loving Junwoo and Taeyoung alrdy lol and can't wait to see more of them as Sohee adjusts to her new life in Korea. The translations are neat so thanks for adding those in. Can't wait till the next update! Keep it up! ^_^

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Sooaura 18.07.2020, 03:31:27

noveltealover, Thank you so much for the comment! I have lived in Seoul and loved it. I hope you’ll get to visit someday!

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