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Travails of Oluwole

Ulric Efukor

Story about:past, pain

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#5 in Dystopia
#19 in Epic fantasy

On Hold: 03 Oct 16 pages

Publication: 03.10.2020 — ...

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Description of book "Travails of Oluwole"

The autobiography of the sorrowful life of a young boy amidst joy. A cruel and unforgettable past. Wickedness beyond recognition. Born to a busy and ignorant father. Nurtured in the cruel arms of his stepmother. Fate, love and hurdles surround his young life. Having God as the only voice that listens to him. Holding on to hope that light still exists at the end of the tunnel - A moral-filled book that threatens to keep you glued until the end. A book based on African settings, names and themes.

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