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Turns of Destiny

Ella Mai

Story about:billionaire, dark romance, forced marriage and abusive relationship

Age restriction: 18+

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#4096 in Romance
#1311 in Billionaires

On Hold: 24 Mar 24 pages

Publication: 01.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Turns of Destiny"

Ira Joseph Phoenix is a young girl who lives a decent life in a small town in Texas with nothing serious to worry about... Until the day she crosses path with a mysterious and terribly handsome beast of a man who was hell bent to destroy Ira in every possible way he could think of...
How will the story turn out? Will he ever fall in love with her? Will he ever treat her good or would he continue his abuse on her? Find out how ira's life turns out.... Read how destiny's turns breaks and builds the young, innocent and naive girl to be a headstrong ,fearless woman she never thought she would be. This book contains mature and abusive stuff. Make up your mind for that before start reading.
P. S.
This is my first book sooo...
Bear with me.


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Edna Palomares
27.03.2021, 17:29:05

Oh its my ist tym to read ur novel but u stop it already... ur have a very nice intro to ur story...why??? Hope it will be update soon..i keep on waiting.

Yuuri Fernandez
19.03.2021, 00:21:50

I hope there will be an update soon

Ella Mai
19.03.2021, 10:55:42

Yuuri Fernandez, sure.. I'm working on it. I'm not a professional... so it takes me some additional time. Hope you'd understand

Benish Shahid
02.03.2021, 20:08:17

Wonderful stories

Ella Mai
03.03.2021, 13:31:09

Benish Shahid, Its just starting,but thanks anyway sir.
And do share my story if you like it.

Benish Shahid
02.03.2021, 20:07:58

I love this book

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