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Twin Deeds @1

Secret writer

Story about:twins, fake orphan, abandonment

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Ongoing: 12 Jan 33 pages

Publication: 29.12.2020 — ...

Description of book "Twin Deeds @1"

I love my life, i am still bored of the way i live, i want this.....i want that....Have you ever thought what it would be like to be an orphanage.....and you already know who your parents are and that too alive!! but what it fells like to be disowned? let's find out in this book of TWIN is emotional and a bit comedy.....hope you like it....

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subrata bhagawati 05.01.2021, 14:54:44

When are you publishing the next chapter....can you male it today?

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Secret writer 05.01.2021, 17:01:37

subrata bhagawati, Very soon.....i promise

Secret writer 31.12.2020, 13:56:23

If you like my epic fantasy novels then...i am going to start writing romance novels....i want support and do follow me to get updates on my each and every new upcoming books..if you want me to try writing romance novels do comment down..

subrata bhagawati 31.12.2020, 12:45:05

Very nice book love it...please update fast

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Secret writer 31.12.2020, 13:49:33

subrata bhagawati, Thankyou..very much i will update ASAP for you

subrata bhagawati 31.12.2020, 13:43:51 the plot...please update the next chapter ASAP

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Secret writer 31.12.2020, 13:48:58

subrata bhagawati, Thankyou..i am glad to know that you like to read this book...please keep reading it...and thankyou for your comment

Mimmy 30.12.2020, 11:45:59

why can't you reveal yourself

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Secret writer 30.12.2020, 17:22:46

Mimmy, i don't have a phone but...i am in social media..but sorry i cannot ...give you my social media...remember..i am hiding my identity and plus...i am not so active in social media. i am just a simple girl and i already am your friend here...right?

Mimmy 30.12.2020, 11:50:06

when will you update

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Secret writer 30.12.2020, 12:31:54

Mimmy, I am writing the next chapter currently...i will update ASAP after completing my writing ....BTW when will you update your chapter? i am waiting for it!!!

Secret writer 30.12.2020, 07:15:58

If you find any mistake in these chapters feel free to comment......

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