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Two lives, one path

Godwin Hosanna

Story about:love, billionaires romance, scriptwriter

Age restriction: 18+

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Publication: 14.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "Two lives, one path"

Shellywood one of the greatest media industry in America is at the verge of shutting down. Two people are put in charge of the world historical project called SSW20 to save the company.

Paris white is a professional and highly sophisticated young lady who doesn't care about anything but career, image and her fashion sense. She craves to be the best at everything she does that is until she meets her match.

Dickson Lowell, a billionaire and best script writer in the history of Shellywood. He's pompous and a shameless womanizer. Coincidentally, he's also excellent at his job.

What happens when they're both paired together as partners for the biggest project in history that could make or Mar Shellywood. Will they work together or will their ego get in the way.

Will sparks also fly?


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29.09.2020, 16:19:54

Rude guy

29.09.2020, 01:31:37

I love your blurb it's unique and amazing. I love the fact that your two main characters are wealthy and well respected. Nice job

Alex admin
18.09.2020, 17:01:46

Hi, there is no mention of a billionaire in the description to be able to admit your story to the contest.

Godwin Hosanna
18.09.2020, 19:33:52

Alex, Hi, I've corrected my blurb but it's not reflecting yet. what should I do?

Anastasia Musa
15.09.2020, 11:37:00

Wow... I’m a writer but I so much respect the way you write... the first two chapters kept me captivated all through.. Kindly update soon please and yes! I’ll come for writing lessons... This book is amazing and I’ll definitely recommend it..❤️❤️

Godwin Hosanna
15.09.2020, 14:13:29

Anastasia Musa, thank you so much