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Two Powerful Mafias

Kyrie Knight

Story about:mafia boss, marriage, mafia

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Description of book "Two Powerful Mafias"

Nicholas Hernandez, 30 yrs old is top most famous multibillionaire. He's the most ruthless, cold-hearted & arrogant person. He's also the king of Underworld in America. Plays role of two different people: 1. Business Man & 2. Mafia King. Nobody knows him being mafia.
Liliana Emerald, 26 yrs old is the most beautiful girl anyone would have led eyes on. A cold-hearted, ruthless, introvert, cunning. She's the famous fashion designer and is the CEO of largest fashion hub in world and also she is the most powerful than any mafia leader, known as 'Queen' of underworld
of world. She's invisible neither people knows her being CEO nor being Mafia Queen.
Many secrets will start unfolding, suspense increases.
Can they fall in love??
Can they solve the problems together??

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