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Book. "Ukraine is a model off the management system" read online

Ukraine is a model off the management system

Антон Данко

Story about:ukraine, model, system management

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#521 in Contemporary Romance

Complete 110 pages

Publication: 14.07.2022 — 14.07.2022

Description of book "Ukraine is a model off the management system"

In this book, the author tries to draw the reader's attention to the unchanging principles of management, which are already written in the Constitution of our country, but not implemented in the management system, emphasizing the main drawback of the current model, namely, the lack of feedback, which, speaking in technical terms language, does not make it possible to create a stable management system as a whole and, as a result, such a system gives rise to authoritarian management and, accordingly, corruption.
It is the author's non-engaged professional view of the management system from the outside that raises the issue of the need to radically replace the current management system as a whole and in a complex with a new model of management based on the principle of a closed management


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