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Book. "Under The Red Moon" read online

Under The Red Moon

Kaiah Moon

Story about:postapocalyptic, werewolfromance, werewolves love story

Age restriction: 18+

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#173 in Paranormal Romance
#12 in Post-apocalyptic

On Hold: 25 May 3 pages

Publication: 18.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "Under The Red Moon"

Society has collapsed, and most full blooded humans have died out, as was foretold by the Tomb of The Wolf. Werewolves are the dominate beings, and the various packs are locked in battle. Every pack is trying to be the one that gets blessed in the Red Moon ceremony. Two young pack members from the Two Moons tribe have been separated, and their pack has been wiped out. They join other packs, and try to forget each other, but in a battle they meet up once more, and reconnect. They know it is impossible to survive without pack protection, but they can not deny their growing love. Bryson Greyclaw, and Nadia Bloodfang meet in secret hoping they will not be discovered, and form a plan to start their own pack, and be blessed under the Red Moon so that they never have to be separated again.

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Queen Diva
30.06.2022, 02:39:55

I'm in love with series like this and a lot of people will love it too
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