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Under the Shadow of obsessed love

Preeti Shyamal

Story about:romance suspense heartbreak, pain and hope, romance love

Age restriction: 18+

19 122

#648 in Contemporary Romance
#409 in Thrillers & Suspense

On Hold: 06 Jun 24 pages

Publication: 12.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "Under the Shadow of obsessed love "

Nil & Asu, the two young couples about whom everything was beautiful as a lovestory, got caught be an evil eye. Since the love was forbidden, they suffered under the tyranny of obsession. The business tycoon who got impressed by Asu wanted to conquer her as his wife. His love became an unhealthy obsession. Nil, whose eyes were fixated on her entirely, tore him completely when she left him. Not realising where the mistake was, he sought to revenge from her. But when the truths are revealed, he starts his investigation and Asu joins him later. When everything has been solved, once again left a barrier, Ruya. She is driven by her stubbornness, ends up in taking a revenge from them.
Does this revenge devastate their happy world? Or Asu’s wrong choices brings her closer to her own catastrophe?


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Goutam Shyamal
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Hey dear,
I'm done from my side as well.

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