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Unexpected Mate for The Alpha King

Christy Cisson

Story about:werewolf king, possessive and caring male lead, werewolf alpha and a human luna

Age restriction: 18+

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#33 in Paranormal Romance
#66 in Romantic fantasy

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Publication: 10.02.2021 — 24.02.2021

Description of book "Unexpected Mate for The Alpha King"

My name is Sebastian Stewart, and just about to turn eighteen years old and known as the Alpha King of the Hillhaven pack. I have a younger brother named Henry, sixteen, and the next in line for my throne if I can not secure my claim as our laws are written. With me about to become of age, I am required to take a mate by the end of the summer but have not found my mate yet, and my time is running short when it comes to the law. There are rumors that a human family has moved onto our lands, but I have yet to address them on the matter. It is unusual for humans to move into our territory but not unheard of. We will be going on a royal hunt here shortly, and I am considering visiting these people to ensure they are not a threat to us.


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A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
08.12.2021, 23:28:16

When will sequel come out there are so many stories with sequels that we are hoping and waiting for hope they come soon

Christy Cisson
10.12.2021, 00:57:03

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix, I will try! Lol!!! I have 3 new ones that I am working on right now and trying to finish Don't Test Me (formally You Will Be Mine) so I can schedule a chapter a day to release while having it finished.

Maureen Mutahi
14.08.2021, 12:54:15

The book is written beautifully
Waiting for the next part :):)

Angela West
08.05.2021, 23:15:56

Yes bring on the sequel

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
05.04.2021, 10:05:55

OMG I hope you can get yo it soon as I’m in love with story of yours also I hate Steven and Yvette.. I hope that they can get this taken care waiting for sequel

Ilona Hoasis Kaulga
01.03.2021, 03:36:22

I absolutely loved it.. I'm a big fan of paranormal romance and your book was absolutely amazing ❤️.. U said there's a sequel, when will it be out?

Christy Cisson
31.03.2021, 12:44:06

Ilona Hoasis Kaulga, I am hoping by this summer. Trying to finish 3 other books right now first then have several sequels I have to start.

25.02.2021, 14:53:17

nice story

Mercy Kireti
21.02.2021, 20:31:52

Will there be a sequel of it, or is it the end

Christy Cisson
21.02.2021, 20:45:11

Mercy Kireti, Sorry, did not realize that I had marked it complete when all the chapters have not been released. Changed it back to ongoing until the last chapter is released.

Thank you, hope you are enjoying my books.

Mercy Kireti
21.02.2021, 20:31:51

Will there be a sequel of it, or is it the end

Christy Cisson
21.02.2021, 20:38:36

Mercy Kireti, I have the rest of the story at different times to release. This one is finished but not all the chapters have been released yet.

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