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Publication: 07.11.2020 — 02.03.2021

Description of book "Unholy Matrimony "

It's every woman's desire to meet the love of their life; to love and to be loved and cherished. It's every girl's dream to be blessed with the gift of marriage to the one she deems her soul mate; but what happens when you're born in a society where one's love is chosen for them? Where your family expects you to accept and expect to be bound in marriage, in matrimony to a total stranger you neither know nor love?

In this story, the author explores the life of a young woman who seeks her own will. She has a total fear of commitment and marriage. She thinks marriage simply isn't her thing and wants more from her life. She happens to meet a young billionaire and her destiny changes forever. Will she be able to be who she wants in this non dynamic cultural society?


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10.11.2020, 19:43:03

what a lovely Novel you have here author dearest

28.12.2020, 20:59:03

Ninsiku, you welcome author

10.11.2020, 19:43:02

first chappie but I am addicted already

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