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Unmasked| H.S A/u


Story about:harry styles, abuse, epic love

Age restriction: 18+

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#339 in Romantic suspense
#102 in Romantic mystery

On Hold: 03 Jun 13 pages

Publication: 30.05.2019 — ...

Description of book "Unmasked| H.S A/u"

Tessa Jackson, captured by a rivaling gang member when she was one day old because her father broke a contract. When she one day escapes and runs into the arms of one of the most dangerous men there is, she falls inlove.

But because she didn't know the truth she was handed back to the monster who took her by the one she loves. Harry Styles.

Will Harry save her? Will he keep his word to his boss? Or will he choose love, just this once?

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Kelli Callahan 30.05.2019, 12:49:43

is it fanfiction?

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Word_Adict 03.06.2019, 19:56:28

Kelli Callahan, its a romance as well... i didn't think it mattered the only fanfiction in the book really is just the names of the cast.

True Match 01.06.2019, 00:29:12

great novel

Dorothy Obeng 31.05.2019, 00:18:53


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