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Book. "Unrequited Love" read online

Unrequited Love

Lorelle Estelle

Story about:billionare, romantic fiction, possessiveness

Age restriction: 18+

29 118

#1035 in Contemporary Romance
#2041 in Billionaires

On Hold: 11 Aug 28 pages

Publication: 29.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Unrequited Love"

Maya and Evan has been lovers since high school and despite the distance between them, they still keep their love strong. After a year of her graduation from college, Evan was gone, without a word. And she felt lost without him.
Days turned to weeks and weeks to months and he never came back.
She met Austin who brought sparks into her life. He was a sweet temptation that she couldn't resist and just when she had fallen for him, Evan was back.
But he was different.
Realizing then that her feelings for Evan had not changed, she was torn between her love for Evan and Austin. She had to let one go. Who would it be?


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Dlo Flint
30.12.2021, 05:38:17

please update

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