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On Hold: 27 Mar 106 pages

Publication: 20.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Unspoken (powers of Creation)"

"When I look at you all I see is darkness"
"Correct" he whispered right above my ear.
Falling from 38, 000 feet after her parents presidential private jet is hijacked and attacked is the least of 17 year old Talanda's problems, but waking up on Kingsland, an island full of Converts may be the first.

All she has to do to stay safe on the Island-Convert boarding school is stay quiet and go unnoticed, something that would have come easy to her as she is naturally introverted and most importantly. Mute.

However she discovers it's hard to go unnoticed when you are a human on an island of Converts or when you're being stalked by a well known Soul stealing blue eyed boy, or find yourself in between alpha males and especially when you begin to do things even converts would call unusual.


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28.04.2021, 11:30:46

wow amazing story cant wait for more

Yvonne Janhi
21.04.2021, 10:36:21

Please please please update this book everyday if possible...the way I'm enjoying it...cant wait to see what Talanda has in store for us...please please please please update kkkk

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