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Book. "Unstoppable bound" read online

Unstoppable bound


Story about:lily and john

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On Hold: 18 Jun 1 pages

Publication: 13.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "Unstoppable bound"

Lily wasn't comfortable after getting the most disturbing text from John. It was the night meant for city dinner and Lily is getting ready. Lily's family wasn't interested in her relationship with John. The more they decline, the more the love button hits hard. The more the bound is getting scary for them. Lily is a smart lover and ready to pay for it.

That night was awesome as she appear in her most adored green tiny gown. Mushy got it from a nearby store and it cost 2000USD to make it. She went for John's taste. John is used to green colors and could get it for her if need.

"Wow! You look gorgeous!" Old pa screamed.
Lily stepped out magically in her green gown. Grand pa was left to admire her.
Grand pa is father to Lily's mum and he has stayed with them in the city of Florida for years

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Austin Ezeilo
21.06.2022, 15:51:45

Happy for you dear
More grace

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