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Ongoing: 24 Apr 21 pages

Publication: 21.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "Untamed Hearts"

Adley Preston is a sassy and hot-tempered woman who was seeking a man to sleep with, a one-night stand after she gets fired from her job. Adley finds that she really likes this particular man at the end of the night.

Avery Wallace of Wallace Corps is sarcastic and cold-hearted very withdrawn and never goes out unless to oversee his company which he almost never does. Many times he has tried to fall in love over several years but he hasn't been able to fall in love again after his first and last love died in a car accident.

They say love prevails all, but love is put to the test and is strained to its limits in this heartwrenching and heartwarming story about a one-night stand turned into many more.

This story is full of kisses, hot shower sex, and heartbreaking themes!

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Rume Christy
25.04.2022, 14:40:42

Nice prologue author... well done..

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